The Challenge: Rivals Season 1 Episode 2

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 - TV Synopsis

The Challenge: Rivals Season 1 Episode 2 – The Challenge: Rivals is the upcoming twenty-first season of the MTV reality television game show, The Challenge, and follows Cutthroat. It will take place in Costa Rica and Argentina, with former cast members from MTV’s The Real World. The upcoming episode will be aired on June 29, 2011.

The Challenge Rivals Season 1 Episode 2 The Challenge: Rivals Season 1 Episode 2There are a lot of challenges that people face today. It is either in their real life and or in an ongoing show entitled The Challenge: Rivals Season 1 Episode 2. Fresh Meat, Fresh Meat II and the Spring Break Challenge competing. This will mark the first season of The Challenge to not feature a castmember from any season of the cancelled series, Road Rules. The season will feature a new format, pitting players who will be partnered with their worst enemies from past seasons of The Real World and The Challenge.

Now, with the second episode this new reality show they are yet again put another challenge together with their worst enemies in their previous show. Try to bet whether they are able to work together as a team or will they continue the fight that they have not finished in the previous show. Watch them as they courageously face another challenge together with his worst enemy to win a spot in the next stage of competition.

This challenge will either win them a price and or will send them home if they lose. This is sure going to be as dramatic as ever. The competition will become tougher than ever, testing not only their team work but also their individual skills. Their partners can be their own threat too. One of them can either push and or hold back the team as whole. As you have already seen in the previous episodes, these guys are not that really good in being paired to one another. There are certain issues that were left unresolved with these guys. The challenges will sure help them become good friends, and or become the worst enemies.

This will sure be another episode that you guys will enjoy. So don’t miss to watch The Challenge: Rivals Season 1 Episode 2 online and have fun in your day guys!